The word ‘sabotage’ means the act of destroying or ruining something. Self-sabotage means to destroy or ruin your own life. Do not ignore these signs. You’ll find the most common signs or patterns down here:

  1. You always have this thought popping - “I can’t do this”. You stop yourself from becoming a better person.
  2. You find yourself in the same situation as you were a year ago.
  3. You plan out everything, and that’s it. You try to avoid implementing.
  4. You’re a perfectionist- You want everything to be perfect or else you won’t find it worthy enough to deal with.
  5. You find yourself anxious many times a day. It is mostly because you don’t implement.
  6. You are always hard on yourself. You criticize your every move.

If you relate to any of the above-mentioned patterns, it is absolutely okay. There are several ways to avoid self-sabotaging:

  1. Acceptance is important. Understanding that it is okay to have conflicting patterns.
  2. Do not be on auto-pilot mode. Strategize your every move.
  3. Affirmations may help you in the long run.
  4. It is okay to go beyond your comfort zone to grow. Do not consider it a threat.
  5. Discipline is a crucial method. If you discipline yourself, you’ll do better.

Most importantly, you are capable of doing wonders, sweetheart. Don’t let any other person tell you otherwise.



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